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The dramatic and compelling story of two of Canada’s most fascinating sports figures - now available for children.

For his year-long school project, young Adam Watson has to meet and write a report on an elderly person in his community. His subject is Rhona Wurtele. He begins to have doubts when he discovers that she lives in the supposedly haunted mansion at the end of his street. Then it turns out Rhona has a twin sister, Oh no! Double the work!Children's book - The Amazing Twins

Follow Adam's adventures as he gets to know these amazing sisters while visiting them in their haunted mansion where strange things begin to happen. During each visit he is mysteriously transported into the past and witnesses seemingly miraculous events in the twins' exciting lives...

Alain M. Bergeron, enchanted with the twins' adventures himself, tells their story through the eyes of 12-year-old Adam, neatly linking past and present, youth and age. At times hilarious, at times profoundly moving, this semi-fictionalized narrative makes the sporting history of another era accessible to children.

Marie-Michèle Gingras's translation captures Adam's nervousness, excitement and wonder as he relates his adventures in getting to know the twins. The illustrations by Pierre Dutil are appealing and lively. Photographs from the twins' own collection, a brief history of their sporting lives and sports' milestones are the surprise of the book – the twins are real people! And they continue to inspire young and old alike well into their 90s.


Alain Bergeron with Rhoda and Rhona 2012One of Quebec's favorite children's authors, Alain M. Bergeron, inspired by Byron Rempel's wonderful biography, No Limits, has written the story of Rhona and Rhoda Wurtele, Canada's Olympian skiing pioneers, for children ages 8 to 12.

Louis Cornellier, book reviewer for Le Devoir, is eloquent in his praise of the original French version published by Québec Amérique: "... crafted by the master hand of Alain M. Bergeron, Les merveilleuses jumelles W. is a unadulterated success!... At once a paean to intergenerational relations, a short sport biography and a tale of a school project with a hint of the fantastic, this surprising story is, in every way, charming."*

* M. Cornellier's comments translated by Nancy Robinson.


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